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David Carson is one of the best graphic designers in Usa. He is very well known for his innovative magazine design. Usage of typography in his works are in a extreme form. He was the editor of the Ray Gun magazine for quite a some time. The magazine was about types of alternative music but Carson added many types of designs to the magazine which carried it out to another level, more than being a regular music magazine.

He used a style that is called dirty which challenged regular styles of typography, ı must say that it is hard to understand sometimes. Through out the nineties he influenced many graphic designers. Many other artists from other branches of art also appreciated his art. Photographer Albert Watson, for example, declared, “He uses type the way a painter uses paint, to create emotion, to express ideas.” Others felt that the fractured presentation obscured the message it carried.

Carson himself was a very self aware designer. “He describes himself as a “hands-on” designer and has a unique, intuition-driven way of creating everything from magazines to TV commercials.” He won tons of awards as a result of his contributions to graphic design world. He also took some time to pass his knowledge to other generations and wrote books including The End of Print (with Lewis Blackwell), Trek: David Carson, Recent Werk, The Rules of Graphic Design.

He worked with many important companies and individuals, American Express, AT&T, Atlantic Records, Budweiser, CNN, Levi’s, MTV, Sony, Toyota, Warner Bros and Xerox are just few of them. He is also recognized as a lecturer as he travels around the Europe to speak in the seminars.