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Alexey Brodovitch was an artist, graphic designer, photographer, art director and teacher but beyond everything else, he was a aesthetic entity whose permanet influence was perceived along the entire visual arts. He is remembered today as a art director of Harper’s Bazaar.
He played an important role for introducing ‘modern’ graphic design into the United States. He formed a backbone of modern magazine design and he encouraged the development of an expressionistic, nearly primal style of picture taking style which became the dominant style in 1950’s. Apart of these, as a teacher, he created a generation of designers who have visual freshness and immediacy.

If we look at his style, generous usage of white space is the most important characteristic of the Brodovitch style.His colleagues at other magazines saw his designs totally elegant but a waste of precious space.
In the layouts which is created by him, there are clothes floated on the page, surrounded by white spaces while headlines and type completed them with a good harmony.

He was the first art director who integrated image and text while most of the american magazines used text and illustration seperately be dividing them by white margins at that time.He emphasized the fluency and movement of the images by repetition and diagonal and horizontal stress.

Other important characteristic of his designs is cropped photographs. He cropped photographs often off-center and put them to the edge of pages and integrated them in the whole. By this way images were seem like a frozen moment in the time and this brought a new dynamism to the fashion layouts.

Today, Brodovitch’s heritance is noteworthy rich. His layouts are perceived as models of graphic intelligence and inspiration.