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Category Archives: Post Modernism

Post-modernizm is a kind of reaction to high modern art, in other words, 60’s art. Movement of minimalism and american abstractionism came to the end so post modernizm started.
It is a kind of ideology and its primarily related to art. The birth of it mostly depends on Irenian Revolution and the cold war because these are phenomenons that effected 20th century very much.

Apart of that, left rise of 60s, 70s finished and 80s, generally witnesses the rise of new right which is ‘conservatism’. This rise related to popular culture industry.

In Polland labour people started to effect all Eastern block countries.
Besides, there was a insufficiency of Soviet Russia, Gorbachov and Bush declared the end of cold war and the Berlin wall fall down. Especially end of the cold war is very important for this movement because it means end of centralism which causes end of fordist production. Plurality began and very solid, controlled things finished. This also means opening of the borders. Notion of border shows the emphasis putting geography rather than history. That means more liberalism. History was very conservative. Geography means present. Technology developed quickly; like mobile telephones, internet, fax machines.

To sum up, all these events brought the end of modernity and it triggered the start of the post modernism.

Actually, Post Modernism has three basic theories.Firstly, Frederic Jameson’s cultural logic of late capitalism, Francoise Lyotard’s end of grand narratives and finally, Jean Baudrillard’s simulations.