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Category Archives: Futurism

To define the term ‘Futurism’ there are basically two words which are ‘speed and movement’. This is uniquely italien movement. Futurists are nationalists and political ideology of nationalism is Fascism. It was reactionary, especially reaction to more developed countries, technically, progressive, politicaly and populist movement which belongs to the right wing.It is the denial of everything like cubism, symbolism, vogueness, love of complication, the bohemienne life, decadance, degeneration and passivity which argues that the artist should be politic. The enrichment of new beauty is beauty of speed. Most important piece is Winged Victory Samothrace or Nike of Samothrace. The most important names of that movement are Boccioni who have late impressionistic style and the other one is Giacoma Balla.

Futurism was uniquely italien movement like ı said in the beginning but after Russians came up with Cubo-Futurism which can be described as a combination of French Cubism and Italian Cubism. There is so many important artists who take a place in that movement like Kasimir Malevich, Vladimir Tatlin, El Lissitzky, and Rodchenko.

If we analyse Malevich works, we can see that he often uses huge massive volumes like huge cubes and these are coming from the source of futurism in general. El Lissitzky’s works are also tribute cubism in general but apart of these, its more dynamic, very analytical and he uses very impressive colors. Rodchenko’s works have political content differently from others. They have dynamism of revolutionary years, expressive, solide, readable and functional.