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Neville Brody is an English graphic designer, brand strategist, art director and typographer,borned in 1957. He is one of the best known graphic designers of his generation. He is best known for his succesful works on the Face magazine and Arena magazine between 80’s and 90’s. His artistic additives to the Face, radically changed the way in which other graphic designers and readers approach the medium. His unique design technics became much-inspired and much imitated models for editorial design, advertising and other graphics of eighties and nineties. Apart of the Face and Arena, there are another magazine and newspaper directions such as City Limits, Lei, Per Lui, Actuel, The Guardian and The Observer.

Apart of these, He is also designing record covers. Cabaret Voltaire and Depeche Mode are good examples his cover designs.

If we look at his inspirations, punk rock has an major effect on Brody’s work and motivation which have also affected London life at the end of 70s. Energy of punk is not the only motivation for him, Dadaism and pop art are also important because, it is obviously seen that his first works is based on a comparison between two.

Besides, he also known for his great typefaces and typographic works. He is one of the founding members of Fontworks in London. He has designed a lot of very-well known typefaces and he referred to as a star typographer of his generation. His recent project is redesign of The Times with the creation of a new font which named Times Modern. This typeface shares many similarities with with the Jonathan Hoefler’s Font Mercury and apart of that, its the first new font for the newspaper since 1932. This is the year which they introduced Times New Roman. Other notable fonts of him are, Industria and New Deal which is used for the film Public Enemies.

Nowadays, Brody’s works mostly focuses on electronic communication design. Furthermore, he continues also his unique and well-designed digital typefaces. His contributions to the graphic design world and digital typography is definetely invaluable.


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