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This movement happened between 1990 and 1999. If we look at its birth, it relies upon various causes. Firstly, art movements are conserved. Installations, performances changed the nature of the late 20th century. For instace, there were less paintings. Apart of that, paintings was not enough to explain social cultural background of decade.
Its the end of the bipolar world. A new culture is culture of post national state. There were the flow of cultures, ethnicities etc. So, we can say that 90’s were the age of multiplicities of everything.
Besides, politics always on the agenda in that movement even in installations. Furthermore, 90’s were the era of the civil wars. For example, United States and Irak. Also, these years were Clinton period and most wealthy period ever in America contrast to Russia. Its the period of computers. Internet started to create a new culture. Internet itsel is an ancyclopedia, that is the flow of information. Its not anymore ‘post-modernity’, its ‘new modernity’.

Moreover, its the period of deconstructionism. Modernity, is deconstruction of world-view, ideology and deconstrucitonism is an attempt to understand the ideologies behind the construction.
There was no more single memory, single identity and single language.

Architecture was also deconstructive in that years. There were no one single space anymore. Its more complicated against mathematics. The space itself is very caotic. Vitra Fire Station, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Ordrupgaord Museum and Bmw building were examples of it. Mybe, they are not fuctional but its not the matter of function. Only funtionality is esthetics. This is what contemporary art.


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