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Leiden is not a very well known place today but in 1917 it was very signifigant when architect and painter Theo van Deosburg formed a new movement there; The De Stilj a Dutch art movement which means “the style”. Of course Deosburg was not alone while forming this movement. Architect JJP Oud, designer Gerrit Rietveld,Vordemberge Gildewart,the sculptor Vantongerloo,Bart van der Leck and the painter Mondrian were some of the most important co founders.

De Stijl became the central idea of Mondrian’s paintings. While constantly and efficently using this art movement Mondrian used a new series of words to define De Stijl. Neo Plasticism term is used by the painter for the first time in the history of De Stijl. This type of art is considered as abstract among artistic communities that is also one of the reasons that ‘the new plasic art’ is a little hard to produce and understand by regular people. Publishing a magazine between 1917 and 1932 helped people to understand insights of this movement and cleared society about the theories and general qualites of this newly born form of art. Philosphy is used as a side branch to support new plastic art movement. This new form of art was so sucessful that quickly spread to other branches of art such as town architecture,fine and applied arts.

Artists of the movement was also abstract and renovalsitic; they carried this movement beyond geography and politics. The art pieces are deliberatly composed and formed depersonalized to make them universal. The idea of ‘The one should see the art not the artist’ was their centerlized aim. To simplify their works they reduced the numbers of colors that are used, they only used main colors along with black and white. The geometrical shapes and sharp assimetric designs were also frequently used while creating a piece.


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