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This week ı decided to write my blog post about old Vogue covers because ı realised that these illustrated covers look like Art nouveau posters a lot.

Besides, if we look at these ones, being staylish is not the only quaity of these covers. In addition to its style these are simple yet inspring to those who are interested in fashion. All of the covers appeal to the eyes of fashion lovers. I think cover illustrators Georges Lepape and Eduardo Garcia Benito deserve some credit for the sucess of the magazine. The magazine Vogue also helped cover illustrators to develop their skills by providing the opportunity of combining fashion with art.
Since the first issue release, covers change fast enough to keep up with the dynamic time line. 1892’s vogue and today’s super popular fashion magazine surely differ in some points, concerning the topics provided with in the magazine, but one thing never changed; The extremist neatness and details.

This is why still we see art when we look at the old covers. These covers are also can be seen everywhere like post cards or life size posters. These varities in usage proves the sucess of the magazine covers not only in terms of fashion and advertisement but also in art.


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