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Helvetica is one of the most popular typefaces of all time.
Eduard Hoffmann developed Helvetica in 1957.Firstly, type was called Helvetia which is Latin name of Switzerland. Its name was changed by Eduard Hoffmann because he want to make it more salable internationally and it wouldn’t be convenient to name a type after a country. Then he decided to name it Helvetica which means Swiss rather than Switzerland.

It is sans serif. There are no curly bits at the end of the letters. It has smooth, clean lines, and a humble geometry that almost suggests it was designed not to stand out. The design is based on the grotesques of the late nineteenth century, but new refinements put it in the sans serif sub-category of neo-grotesque.
That was a great success because it was a neutral typeface which could be used on a wide variety of sign system. In other words, Helvetica is an all-purpose type design that can deliver practically any message clearly and efficiently.


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