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This week our subject will be ‘printing press’ so ı make a research about Johannes Gutenberg who started the Printing Revolution.

He was born in the Mainz which is existent in Germany. His year of birth isn’t known accurately but it was most probably around 1398.
Gutenberg is inventor of printing from movable types. His method was used until the 20th century. His invention gave birth to Printing Revolution and accepted as the most crucial event that accured in modern period. Gutenberg’s invention also played a huge role in the progress of Renaissance, Reformation and the Scientific Revolution. Gutenberg’s method of printing from movable types also containing the utilization of metal mols, alloys, an oil-based inks and a special press. This method with these components, make it possible the mass production of printed books for the first time.

First major book printed with the Gutenberg’s method is The Gutenberg Bible. It is also known as the 42-line Bible. That Bible is popular with its high aesthetic and technical qualities. It was dramatically cheaper than a Bible which is handwritten. Handwritten Bible could take over a year to complete before Gutenberg’s invention.
There is only twenty one copies survive, and they are accepted as the most valuable books in the world.


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