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Next week our subject will be generally based on ‘Illuminated Manuscripts’ and the most important issue about them is, they are the best surviving specimens of medieval painting. So ı decided to research medieval art but the concept, medieval art, is too wide to investigate fully so ı focused on ‘Gothic Art’.

In mid 12th century, during Medieval art, a new art movement is formed; Gothic Art. French art authorities were out of Romanesque art and therefore Gothic styled art became popular in all around Europe at no time. Gothic art preserved its dominancy till Reaissance.

The most signifigant pieces of Gothic art is done by using the technique oil painting, specially dark colors. Dark colors represents the transition from dark ages to civilization. Gothic art contains extreme forms of naturalism as well. Christianity was also on a rise, so artists took extra time to paint giant cathedral and church walls. Gothic art usually represent religious master pieces and its architecture was specialized on arches stained glasses and illuminated scripts.

Gothic art challenged archtitecture in many ways. High ceillings and heavy decorations caused architects to built better and stronger walls. They developed a system to distribute the heavy weight. Romanesque buildings contains barrel vaults or grain vaults because of that the materials that are used to build up the walls were thick. Thats why gothic architects started to use pointed arches. Moreover, they invented a system which divides the over whelming weight into several parts. These improvements resulted in spatial distribution and organic lightness which creates a more open atmosphere in buildings.


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