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Next week, our subject will be ‘The Alphabet’ so ı made a research about the Rosetta Stone which indicates the existence of Hieratic script, Hieroglyphics and Greek Alphabet in the third century Egypt.

The rosetta stone which is carved in 196 before christ is accepted as a key document to understand eygptian hieroglyphs in a modern way. The rosetta stone is not the complete text but a fragment of a longer one.
Founder of the rosetta stone is french soldiers. They found the stone while constructing a building in a small village in egypt. By the the time of napoleon the stone and some other historical items are handed to British with Treaty of Alexandria.

The Rosetta Stone in the British Museum.

The aim of the stone is to honnor eygiptian religious authorities. It clearly states all of the good work of the pharaoh so that priests and the society will read and appriciate it. In order more people to read the stone it is written in three scripts, Ancient greek, ancient egyptian hieroglyphs and egyptian demotic.
Nowadays egyptian key stone rosetta is popular again in order to understand modern knowledge and enlightment.


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