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When ı was searching on the internet for japanese calligraphers, the name Monk Kukai constantly came up. He is one of the most famous calligraphers that developed japanese calligraphy in many areas. He keeps on inspiring this branch of japanese art more than two centuries.

He was born to a aristocrat family. In his early years of education, he studied chinese classical art. As many of the famous artists, he droped off from the school and dedicated himself to buddhism. He never stoped educating himself though, he went to china to develop his knowledge about rituals of buddhism. He came back to japan with more knowledge about buddhism and most importantly he brought back scriptures and artistic objects that are all appriciated by emperor himself.

He established an school called True Word after returning from China to pass on his knowledge about buddhism. The school mostly focuses on ritules about ceremonies , spells and magic formulas of buddhism. Being a monk never stopped him from expressing his art. Rumour has it that he even invented Kana a different type of sanskrit. He was also interested in poem writing. The Ten Stages of Consciousness is his most well known piece of art which is published in chinese. He divided buddhism in to ten stages in order to make it more understandable.

This letter sequance is done by Kukai. The words “siddham rastu” was written on top of the every piece of writing he wrote. It means “may there be perfection” which represents Kukai’s life time goal.


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